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Nov 21, 2019

In today's healthcare marketing podcast episode, we're joined by a very special guest Dr. Brent LaceyKelley and Dr. Lacy talk about a wide range of topics from how physicians get out of medical school, the life of a military surgeon, is physician burnout a real concern? and...

Nov 6, 2019

Today special guest Dr. Jimmy Knott, joins Kelley to discuss all things leadership. What qualities make people want to follow or be influenced by a leader? What can you do to grow and develop your leadership skills, and how can you put those leadership skills to the test in your professional and personal life!

Nov 3, 2019

Today special guest Holly Ulanday, Physician Liaison with KSF Orthopedic Center in Houston, Texas joins Kelley to discuss the New Physician Liaison Growth Guide, where they talk about everything a new Physician Liaison would want to know: from marketing advice, tricks of the trade, how to get past the dreaded...